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2017 Equestrian Events

Stable View HT 31 Jan-1 FebSporting Days HT Feb 2017Paradise Farm HT Feb 2017Sporting Days HT Mar 2017Stable View HT 22-23 Mar 2017Maryland ST#1 26 Mar 2017Morven Park  HT April 2017CDCTA  HT April 2017Fair Hill CCI- HT April 2017Maryland ST#2 23 April 2017LHPC Horse Trials April 2017MCTA Horse Trials May 2017Fair Hill Starter Trials May 2017Fair Hill Horse Trials May 2017MCTA Jenny Camp ST May 2017Maryland ST#3 29 May 2017Waredaca June Horse Trials 2017Middleburg Horse Trials 2017Waredaca June Starter Trials 2017SVPC June Horse Trials 2017Morven Park Driving June 2017Stable View HT Ju 24-25 JuneMCTA/Tranquility Farm June STFair Hill Starter Trials 1 July 2017Maryland HT#1 9-10 Jul 2017Maryland HT/CCI 15-16 Jul 2017USPC CHAMPS & FESTIVAL 2017Fair Hill Horse Trials Aug 2017Waredaca AUG Horse Trials 2017LHPC Horse Trials Aug 2017SVPC Sept Horse Trials 2017Fair Hill Starter Trials Sept 2017CDCTA  HT Sept 2017Maryland Fall ST#1 Sept 2017Marlborough HT Sept 2017Marlborough CT Sept 2017FEH Championships 2017Morven Park HT Oct 2017Stable View Oct Fest HT 2017RRP TB Makeover Oct 2017Maryland Fall HT Oct 2017Maryland Fall ST2 Oct 2017Waredaca 3 Day 2017Waredaca Aug  HT 2017Maryland Fall ST3 Nov 2017Full Moon Farm 12 Nov 2017Sporting Days Farm HT 12/2017


Stable View HT 2 Feb 16 Sporting Days HT  Feb 16 Sporting Days HT 6-7 Mar 16 River Bend PC  CT 13  MAR 16Morven Park Driving 13 Mar 16 Maryland ST #1 Mar 16 Stable View HT Mar 2016 Morven Park HT April 2016 Maryland ST #2 April 2016 CDCTA Horse Trials April 2016 Hunt Club Starter Trials April'16Fair Hill Int.  HT April 2016 LHPC Spring HT April 2016MCTA Spring HT May 2016Fair Hill May Starter Trials 2016Fair Hill May Horse Trials 2016Jenny Camp Horse Trials 2016Maryland ST #3 May 29, 2016 Waredaca June HT, 2016 Middleburg HT, 2016 Waredaca June ST, 2016 Seneca Valley PC June HT '16 Morven Park Driving June 2016 MCTA Starter HT June 2016 Fair Hill ST July 2016 JUMP  4 July 2016Maryland HT #1 2016Maryland HT/CIC #2 2016Full Moon Farm Aloha HT 2016Fair Hill HT 13-14 Aug 2016Waredaca HT Aug 2016LHPC HT Aug 2016SVPC HT Sept 2016Maryland Fall ST#1  Sept 2016CDCTA HT  Sept 2016Marlborough HT  Sept 2016Morven Park Fall HT 2016FEH Championships 2016Maryland Fall HT Oct 2016Maryland Fall ST#2 Oct 2016Waredaca Horse Trials Oct 2016Waredaca Horse Trials Oct 2016Waredaca Starter Trials Oct 2016Maryland Fall ST#3 Nov 2016